"Eternal Spirit Medicine" Warrior Set©

Eternal Spirit Medicine Warrior Set

Best of Show winner

Natural History Museum of Utah, Salt Lake City 2013

Briscoe Western Art Museum, San Antonio 2014


Best of Show UT xsmall An extraordinarily eloquent signature piece... Best of Show Briscoe xsmall

Black Eagle's original creation, which is unique on our planet, took him four years to accomplish.  As with any fine art, the visual simplicity of the Eternal Spirit Medicine warrior set belies its many intricacies.  Black Eagle drew energy from the wisdom and voices of the old ones, past, present and future, to create this powerful connection to the warriors of his nation and culture.  The person who possesses this set, possesses an awe-inspiring piece whose power emanates from every cell of the animals and minerals instilled in it, and from the authentic vision and inspired realization reflecting Black Eagle's dedication to artistic excellence.





Warrior Shirt

Black Eagle in the role of the "Chief" wore this warrior shirt in "Bloodline" (Oasis Motion Pictures) which is in post-production as of February 2010.

Leggings and Breechcloth

Leggings and Breechcloth



And now, some still photos from "Bloodline",

taken by project photographer Leslie Goodman,

and filmed January 2010:

Black Eagle as Chief in Bloodline sitting in lodge

Black Eagle as "Chief" (inside lodge)

Black Eagle in Bloodline at campfire

Black Eagle as "Chief" (campfire scene)

Black Eagle in Bloodline, campfire scene

Black Eagle as "Chief" (campfire scene)

In the movie, Black Eagle was wearing the shirt from the

"Eternal Spirit Medicine" Warrior Set

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