War Bonnets & Headdresses

War bonnets differed according to the nation of origin, the tribe and the maker. They would have differences in the number of feathers or the basic construction for the decorations. Feathers are usually earned in battle or given for good deeds done. When enough were gathered, they were usually reserved for a headdress. Only warriors of high status were allowed to wear them. They were almost always worn into battle, but also were worn for best dress occasions and ceremonials.


Buffalo Medicine Headdress front

"Buffalo Medicine" Headdress ©

(32"W x 74"L x 32"D, including stand)


This piece has been sold.


Buffalo Medicine Headdress side

"Buffalo Medicine" Headdress, side view ©




Buffalo Medicine Headdress back

"Buffalo Medicine" Headdress, back view ©




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