Shields are difficult to find, even in museums, because they were usually placed with the warrior at his burial site, left to the elements, and returned to Mother Earth with the body.  The medicine shield represented the warrior's vision.  Warriors would seek high peaks or sites on which they could be alone with their souls.  They would then go on a quest to gather medicine.  This would come to them in a special way, and always relate to their vision.  The medicine shield was tangible evidence of the warrior's vision.  Although the medicine shield could be used for war, it was not usually taken into battle, but instead hung outside the lodge to identify the owner and ward off bad spirits.

Black Eagle is only able to create one or two shields per year, because of the scope and intensity of each project.  A complete description of the symbolism on each shield and the materials used to create it is included for its new owner.

Dreaming Bird shield

"Dreaming Bird" War Medicine Shield ©
approx. 22" W x 61" L x 6" D

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