Breastplates were worn as armor by several Indian tribes, especially in the northern Great Plains and northern Great Basin regions.  They were designed and served to protect the warrior's chest, just as the choker that was usually worn with the breastplate protected his neck.  The breastplate was constructed of bone, originally shaped from bison, elk or deer.  As bison were almost completely exterminated, bone hairpipe from cattle became the only one available.  It was commercially manufactured beginning in the late 1800's specifically for trade with American Indians.  The breastplate carried spiritual significance.  Items used as decorations transferred characteristics of the original animal or element to the warrior.  Abalone and other shells were traded inland from the coastal tribes to the interior of the continent, as were beads.
Black Eagle makes each breastplate unique, whether it be made with antique beads and brain tanned smoked deerskin, or modern beads and commercially tanned deerskin.  Although many breastplates can be found on the market today, Black Eagle's collectors know they have the highest quality and most attractive breastplates available.

Trail of the Old Ones breastplate

"Trail of the Old Ones" © Breastplate
Very rare antique MO River translucent green beads & Cornaline D'Aleppo beads,
brain-tanned smoked deerskin     (approx) 14"W x 37"L x 2"D




Morning Sun & Double Lightning breastplate

"Morning Sun & Double Lightning" © Breastplate
antique beads, brain-tanned smoked deerskin     (approx) 20"W x 43"L x 1 1/2"D




Red Protector breastplate

"Red Protector" © Breastplate
deep red beads     (approx) 17"W x 46"L x 1 1/2"D



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