Shoshone-Yokut warrior artist

Black Eagle with rifle

Black Eagle, American Indian artist, has a lifelong love of art, and art is a natural expression of his life. He derives profound pleasure from creating echoes of his heritage in the form of Shoshone artifacts and warrior spirit masks. These masks are a contemporary statement of his cultural art. Many of his creations come from dreams. Drawing from personal experience, research, and the omnipresent spirits of his grandmother and ancestors, Black Eagle expresses his belief in the full circle of life. His concepts revolve around the real importance of living as a part of Nature.

Black Eagle was born in Elko, Nevada, and lived his first two years on the Te-Moak Reservation in Lee, Nevada. He spent the next eighteen years living and hunting for his food on the Tule River Reservation in central California. The deep forests of the Sierra Nevada provided him with solitude and opportunities to learn about himself and his place in Nature.

Black Eagle takes great pride in designing and creating original art using traditional techniques and materials, including native tanned hides, sinew, bone, and other natural matter. He uses some newer materials on his more contemporary pieces, such as his warrior spirit masks.

Guided by the values inherent in his tradition, Black Eagle knows there is no substitute for quality, as evidenced in each one of his creations. It is his intention that every piece he makes will survive, be passed on, and inspire future generations.

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