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Black Eagle, an American Indian from the Shoshone and Yokut tribes, has a lifelong love of art and music. He honors his ancestors by continuing to create art with natural materials. He feels great joy in playing his original music which ranges from blues to jazz with hints of flamenco and reggae. Drawing from dreams, personal experience and the omnipresent spirits of his grandmother and ancestors, Black Eagle expresses his belief in the full circle of life. At their core, all his creations revolve around the importance of living as a part of Nature.

Black Eagle was born in Nevada, and lived his first two years on the Te-Moak Reservation in Lee, Nevada. He spent the next eighteen years living and hunting for his food on the Tule River Reservation in central California. The deep forests of the Sierra Nevada provided him with solitude and opportunities to learn about himself and his place in Nature. Now he lives a rural lifestyle conducive to keeping his connection with Nature.

The furious Butte Fire changed the land around him, and like so many challenges in life, added another experience that he will use to draw inspiration so he may continue to create.


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